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Calmingly Flavourful & Smooth

Experience A Journey Through A Warm Canadian Sunset


            AROMA ~ invitingly floral and comforting 

            TASTE ~ balanced with sweet hues of mature chamomile flowers

             FINISH ~ rich & sophisticated with hints of honey and dried fruits

             explore ~ add our pu-erh tea to create a harmonic pairing 

             experience ~ a relaxing tranquility that will inspire comfort                                                       and humble self reflection 

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Rosemary Tea

tea profile




Gentle Nectar

Chamomile Floral 

Hints of Dried Fruits








Natural Plant-Based Fiber Pyramid Tea Bags

Brew Suggestion

90 - 95*C

195 - 205*F

3-5 Mins

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Biological History & Beneficial Characteristics  

Organic Chamomile Tea is derived from the chamaemelum nobile plant. It's etymological roots and the genus name Chamaemelum derive from the Greek χαμαίμηλον (chamaimēlon), "earth-apple", from χαμαί (chamai), "on the ground" + μήλον (mēlon), "apple", so-called because of the apple-like scent of the plant. The plant obtained the name "nobile" (Latin, noble) because of its putative therapeutic properties, which were believed to be better than those of the German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.). The chamaemelum nobile (Chamomile) plant is versatile in it's growth on fertile and drier lands. The flowers are dried naturally in a careful drying process to preserve the sweet richness of the flowers. No artificial oils nor flavouring are added to our Chamomile tea. Our Organic Chamomile Tea is caffeine-free.  


All our organic teas are certified to exceed the strictest organic standards in the world. We are proud to offer all our teas certified NON-GMO as they are all organically grown without artificial flavouring, harmful pesticides nor preservatives. Carefully packaged in state-of-the-art facilities with the strictest attention to quality control and health regulations. All organic teas contain varying levels of natural antioxidants that can fight and may even prevent cell damage and certain types of cancer. Additionally, organic teas have been shown in research to prevent a range of heart-related issues from congestive heart failure to high blood pressure with their ability to improve blood flow and lower cholesterol levels. Subsequently, tea has shown to help prevent the formation of plaque in the body that can lead to the development of Alzheimer's disease. Drinking organic tea is a healthy and tasty natural alternative to sugary and synthetic beverages. Cheers to a great cup of tea for your health.  

Tea Pairing Suggestions

  • Buttery Pastries ie. Fresh Croissants, Tarts & Pies 

  • Well-Dressed Leafy Green Salads & Fresh Fruit Salads

  • Chicken, Seafood & Creamy Pasta Dishes 

  • Sandwiches ie. Club Sandwich or Cheese & Tomato

  • A Variety of Snacks & Sweets 

  • Luxurious Desserts ie. Cakes, Fruit Sorbets & Macaroons 

Teas of Similar Taste Profile 

  • Organic Green Tea

  • Organic Imperial Jasmine Tea

Recommended Time of Day For Consumption 

  • Anytime of the Day

Recommended Brewing Instructions

  • Use Freshly Filtered Water

  • Ideal Brew Temperature: 90 - 95*C / 195 - 205*F

  • Steep Time: 3 - 5 mins (or until desired taste)  

  • For Cold Tea: Add Desired Sweetener (Optional) and Pour Over Fresh Clear Ice

Disclosure: all our teas are custom procured and packaged by a third-party supplier for MAI KANATA FINE GOODS INC. All information on this page are general suggestions and may vary with each consumer and each type of tea.  

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